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Management Consulting

  • corporate strategy
  • go-to-market strategy
  • digital strategy
  • functional strategies
  • organisational transformation
  • digital transformation
  • motivation system and KPIs design
  • target operating model implementation
  • building a product-oriented company
  • products and markets research, feasibility studies
  • business cases for new products launch, entering new markets
  • sales strategy
  • product pricing strategy
  • digital sales
  • sales boost
  • customer satisfaction index (CSI) improvement
  • sales processes and CXimprovement
  • Building a digital distribution channel
  • Driving sales through digital channelss
  • Implementing digital solutions to increase sales
  • Data management

Financial consulting

  • Assets / business valuation and value analysis services
  • Real estate valuation and value analysis services
  • Intangible assets valuation (patents, licenses, brands, goodwill)
  • Investment projects analysis
  • Synergy effects analysis
  • Valuation for reporting purposes: purchase price allocation (PPA), goodwill/PPE impairment tests
  • Development of financial models
  • Strategic modelling
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies (Incl. SPIC)
  • Validation and revision of financial models and business plans
  • Development of data analysis and presentation tools (dashboards, templates)
  • Target markets analysis
  • Industry experts search and recruitment
  • Financial model development
  • Preparation of teaser and investment memo
  • comparable companies /transactions multiples analysis
  • Target search
  • Partner/investor search
  • Negotiations
  • Deal structuring
  • Deal closing
  • Business sustainability analysis
  • Development of an action plan to stabilize financialposition
  • Participation in negotiations with financial institutions

Construction сonsulting

  • Monitoring the progress of construction projects
  • Financial and technical supervision
  • Conducting tender procedures
  • Conducting independent technical expertise of
    construction projects
  • Valuation of design solutions, applied technologies and
  • Project risk analysis
  • Analysis of the budget and construction schedules
  • Cost management strategy development
  • Value engineering
  • Technological and price audit

Operational performance

  • Functional and IT architecture design
  • Projects and current solutions diagnostics
  • Project management and optimal roadmaps development
  • Optimization of business processes and 1C performance
  • Development of software products and mobile applications in 1C
  • Integrators and IT teams’ selection
  • Technical support organization
  • Organization of the recruitment process
  • Adaptation and involvement of employees
  • Building cross-functional interactions and optimization of operational structure
  • Assistance in the implementation of strategic business digitalization programs: goal settings, employee training and development programs
  • Organizational transformation change management
  • Functional and information technology architecture design
  • Projects and current solutions diagnostics
  • Project management, preparation of optimal roadmaps, selection of subcontractors
  • Optimization of business processes and financial function performance
  • Organization and automation of planning and budgeting processes, preparation of financial/management/tax reports

Marketing consulting

Marketing strategy


Digital maturity

User experience

Marketing organization and KPIs