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OKS LABS experts participated in the development of digests of market adjustments for commercial and residential property valuation

In March, digests on shopping centers and residential real estate were presented for the first time at VEB.RF, as well as an up-to-date digest in the warehouse sector. In addition, each segment hosted discussions with developers, brokers and appraisers on current issues in each property sector.

The digests include adjustments for the rental and sale of the relevant segments, the approved classification of real estate, as well as individual indicators for market information. Galina Bulycheva, Deputy CEO of OKS LABS, is one of the organisers of the whole digest development project. Maria Solonina, Manager of Corporate Finance, is a member of the group of experts for all three sectors of the digest: warehouses, shopping centres, residential real estate.

The digests have been prepared by combining the skills of the most experienced experts in development, brokerage, banking, auditing and valuation, who decide on adjustments through direct dialogue in separate working groups. Work on the creation of the digests began in early 2023. Digests for the office and land segments are currently under development.

Galina Bulycheva: “The reason for creating a digest of adjustments was the changes in the property market in February 2022, when valuers found themselves in a situation where it was unclear how much the property actually cost.”

Maria Solonina: “Digest working groups bringing together brokers, developers, consultants, valuers allow for a comprehensive approach to the issue of topical adjustments to property values”.

The digests can be found at the following links:

1. Digest of valuation based on commercial property market indicators: small and medium-sized shopping centres, Q1 2024

2. Digest of valuation based on commercial property market indicators: residential property, Q4 2023

3. Digest of valuation based on commercial property market indicators: Class A and B warehouses, Q1 2024 3.